Chris Westcott

Freelance Software Developer


With a professional history that goes back 18 years, in Software Development, I have extensive experience in producing successful solutions.

With solid Software Engineering roots, backed by a BSc in Software Engineering, I started out by helping to create software for commercial and military aircraft. Moving into the worlds of desktop and web based applications I've learned to work on projects both big and small, in whatever environment is best suited to the task at hand. I'm also used to working on projects as a sole developer, pulling together others to produce solutions, or slotting into existing teams.

Producing software doesn't have to be a high risk task, and I've learnt many techniques to ensure working software during the course of development. I work closely with customers and teams to ensure, what is being produced, continues to be what is needed and wanted. Growing products in a manner that allows change, along the way, if it is necessary. Embracing change, as it is required by the customer, instead of fighting against it.



When a start-up, looking to shake up the world of property portfolio sustainability, needed to get it's product up and running, I was able to help. With a front-end developer already involved, I was tasked with creating a rock solid back-end. An extremely flexible solution was created, supporting the user interface, in a manner allowing simple future enhancement. As with any start-up, time was of the essence, but quality could not be compromised.

High Visibility

When an existing development team required an extra pair of hands I was happy to help. Complimenting the existing team, as a developer, and taking on the role of Scrum Master, I was able to help the team achieve considerable success. The product, used by many worldwide brands utilising fleets of vehicles, was of utmost importance. Helping those companies to track, monitor, and manage their fleets, so that costs could be managed, meant that it had to perform.


When a well established manufacturing company wanted to have plant-wide visibility of their production lines I was able to help. As a lead developer, I was able to help in collecting data, from the many pieces of equipment, as well as store it. Plant-wide visibility was available via chart and tables as well as reports. Product line deviation monitoring providing key warnings to those running the line in various job functions.


...always diligent and professional and cheerful, despite the challenging task. He took a pride in getting the equipment to function as required and developed new techniques (for the organisation) to ensure the code was as reliable as possible. His commitment, inteligence and systems understanding were outstanding.

...a very positive team player and excellent at explaining technical issues to allow a general understanding of functionality. This useful input often allowed us make correct decisions when implementing changes to software behaviour or introducing new features. Chris is a great advocate of the Agile processes and went beyond his scrum master role to ensure the team got the best out of the sprint time in order to reach our goals. It would be great to work with Chris again if the opportunity arose.